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Mantra MFS110 L1

Mantra MFS110 L1 fingerprint reader is a highly secure optical USB 2.0 FAP10 fingerprint scanner. It is easy to install & offers one of the widest range of fingerprint conditions, resulting in high speed biometric verification. The sensor surface is scratch fee and ensures auto finger detection and secure communication.

  • tick-iconFingerprint Scanner

  • tick-iconSupports Window, Android & Linux

  • tick-icon1 Year Service Registration

  • tick-iconUSB with Type C connector available for supporting Type C Devices

How does a biometric device work?

A biometric device captures the biometric data inputs of an individual such as fingerprint, iris (eye) or both, from individuals holding Aadhaar numbers. The device authenticates the data of an individual and matches with the stored Aadhaar data. Thus, fingerprint readers and scanners are essential devices for Digital agents to seamlessly record authentication of clients and serve authentic services.

There are two types of biometric devices: Discrete Devices and Integrated Devices. Discrete Devices connect to a host device such as PC/ laptop/ Micro ATM etc. Integrated Devices have an integrated sensor into the device. Some of the common integrations that we see on a daily basis are:

  • tick-iconHand-Held / PoS Device. We see these devices at MicroATMs.

  • tick-iconUSB device connected to PC. These are commonly used at e-governance centers.

  • tick-iconMobile phone with biometric sensors.

  • tick-iconAt small shops/ Kiosks such as ATMs, MNREGA job request kiosks


Mantra MFS 100

Mantra MFS100 is a high quality USB fingerprint biometric device for fingerprint authentication. It is based on optical sensing technology that can recognize even the poor quality fingerprints. You just need to plug and play USB 2.0 for high speed interface. It has scratch free sensor surface and 500 dpi optical fingerprint sensor.

  • tick-iconSupports Windows 7, 8, 10, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003/ 2007/ 2008, Linux, Windows ME, Windows 98 SE SDK

  • tick-iconLibraries & Drivers support across all these platforms.

  • tick-iconEasy Integration & support.

Benefits of Buying Registered Biometric Devices

The UIDAI has mandated digital agents to use only registered biometric devices. Our digital agents can directly purchase the biometric devices and printers on discount from us by requesting.

Registered biometric devices are safe and secure. Every agent should use registered mantra devices only. The benefits are as below:

Step 1

Unique identification

Every physical sensor device has a unique identity. This helps in device authentication, fraud management and traceability.

Step 2


The system is completely secure. It does not allow storage of biometrics. Every biometric record is processed and encrypted within the secure zone. Thus, unencrypted biometrics cannot be transmitted from sensor to host machine.

Step 3

Device Certification

All devices used are certified as required and as per the specifications issued, by the Authority.


  • A fingerprint scanner is a device that recognizes and authenticate fingerprint of an individual. For digital agents, fingerprint readers and scanners are essential devices to seamlessly record authentication of clients.

  • Agents are required to use registered biometric devices that are registered with Aadhaar system for encryption key management. The Aadhaar authentication server identifies and validates these devices. It manages encryption keys on each registered device.

  • Mantra Biometric devices use modern fingerprint scanning technology that is efficient, accurate and fast. It captures the fingerprint using technology and converts the physical pattern into a digital format. The automated recognition system processes this image and forms a unique pattern-matching template.

  • The Mantra biometric devices are used in delivering banking / financial services for customer identification safely. The device secures identification and has an access control of sensitive information and location. Different e-Government software solutions are used for different services. They can be easily integrated with laptop/ mobile and are simple to use.

  • Yes, Mantra biometric devices are secure and reliable for authentication purposes.

  • The MFS 100 is designated as an L0 Device, wherein MFS110 is an L1 Device which is designed especially for UIDAI Aadhaar authentication. The device is STQC Certified and highly reliable.

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